Thursday, 8 November 2012



It’s been cold of late, but the wet weather has abated.  The wind continues to be an irritating presence - it is Autumn, after all - but there's been nothing to stop me from getting out there and riding my new bike.  The sun has even been moved to put in a few appearances of late, providing the perfect conditions for a spot of bicycle portraiture. (At this time of the year, the sun sits quite low in the sky, allowing for good pictures throughout much of the day.)  I don’t expect such clemency to hold out for much longer, and it won’t be long before Carlos is retired for the winter, whereupon I shall be running instead.
            So grab these pictures while you can – perhaps these aspects represent Carlos’s Blue Period?  Note the addition of a sympathetic Elite Ciussi aluminium bottle cage, and what I think will be the final resting place of the Vetta Gel saddle.  I’m still not sure about the position of my brake levers, but that aside I think Carlos has now been pretty much tailored to my form.

[Images: author's own] 

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